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Who We Are


We are a government contracting company that was established in 2018 composed of a “Family of Veterans” that understands the needs of the government and cares about the level of service we provide.  We monitor the tides of the government purchasing market and capitalize on anticipating the need.  We have vast experience in government contracting, purchasing, and procurement programs from the veterans on our teams’ prior careers within the government. “Upholding the Golden Rule” to provide innovative solutions to people and organizations.   

We offer training and education on health & wellness rooted firmly in our belief in the balance of a healthy mind, body and spirit.  Our purpose is to teach, guide, and encourage others to see life and all situations from a higher perspective. In a collaborative effort to see this world a better place for all, we offer our Virtual Platform Services which has an array of coaches to address multiple areas of life skills development and growth.  Using this platform to inspire others to become more interdependent with themselves and the world around them.

As a consortium of veterans and community leaders, we stand firmly behind our services by analyzing the need and upholding the same vision of the Government and the community in which it serves.  What separates H.I.S. from the competition is our philosophy of mindfulness.  Through inciting a culture of camaraderie, we create a seamless flow of strategic processes for the improvement of organizational cost-effectiveness, the streamlining of goals and objectives, and setting industry standards for government contracting.


      • Government Contracting
      • Teaching Mindfulness 
      • Meditation Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Pastoral Coaching
  • Business Coaching
    • Transitional Housing  
    • Homeless Supportive Services
    • Yoga

Meet Our Team

Eric D. Hargrave

Shaylynn R. Thompson

Dennis L. Fontelroy

Melodye Fuller

Barbara J. Pickens

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